Good Beginnings

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Good Beginnings class. I learned a lot from the insights and experiences shared by our mentors and also through the exchange of ideas with my fellow students. The class provided me with very helpful information that made the licensing process less daunting. It was a great learning environment!”

Dyan Cortez

It has been a long-term goal of BCFCCA to make quality training accessible to all family child care providers in the province of B.C. We sincerely believe, and research has shown, that training directly correlates to quality child care.

BCFCCA’s original Introduction to Family Day Care Course has long been recognized and recommended as part of the licensing process. As of November 2007, the licensing process requires family child care providers to have at least 20 hours of training related to child care. BCFCCA and licensing officers around the province recognize the value of the newly revised “Good Beginnings: Professional Development for Family Child Care Providers”. This course includes the necessary components to begin or improve your family child care environment by presenting information clearly, providing opportunity for self-reflection and promoting life-long learning for participants.

The Good Beginnings: Professional Development for Family Child Care Providers is divided into 12 lessons, for a total of 30 – 36 hours of training. The course will introduce you to:

  • Child Care Choices
  • Exploring Children’s Development
  • Guiding Children’s Behaviour
  • Promoting Good Health
  • Planning for Safety and Emergencies
  • Preventing Child Abuse
  • Nutrition
  • Developing Partnerships
  • Managing the Business
  • Providing an Enriching Family Environment
  • Caring for the Child Care Provider
  • Children’s Experiences

The Good Beginnings Course will not only help you explore these areas of Family Child Care, but will also guide you to create the policies and procedures necessary to develop your business, introduce you to a network of Family Child Care Providers, and provide you with resources and contacts specific to your family child care business.

For more information on the Good Beginnings Program contact us by phone at (604) 590-1497, reach us through our contact form or by e-mail at goodbeginnings@bcfcca.ca, or check out the course listings here.